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Attention All Golfers: Did you know that 51 of the last 62 PGA tour events were won by a Pro who consulted a certified TPI Specialist? The world-renowned TPI golf screen unites the body-swing connection. It identifies, analyzes, and evaluates physical limitations that could be counter-productive to your golf swing. Our Rehab Guru Specialist will team up with you and your golf coach to help you improve your swing, prevent injury, and golf for a lifetime.

 Improve your game, improve your swing, prevent injuries, and golf for a lifetime!

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Diana Schwahn, a certified medical professional through the Titleist Performance Institute, will put together a customized program just for you. Diana will provide you with the exercises necessary for you to reach your fitness goals.  She will work together with your golf coach to customize your workout program.

Prevent Injuries and Improve Your Golf Swing

Once your TPI screen is completed, the results are used to create a unique fitness plan just for you.  Your exercise program will be visible and accessible to you at any time on the TPI website. Our fitness expert will work with you to improve your physical limitations and ultimately improve your golf swing. Prepare your body to play your best game! Don’t be one of the 70% of golfers that get injured due to poor body swing golf mechanics! Our program addresses injury prevention and includes a personalized pre-round stretching program. A TPI screen involves a one-hour evaluation which includes:

  • TPI evaluation which are golf-specific movements to identify physical limitations.
  • Injury prevention stretching program.
  • Identifying any issues that may contribute to an injury or that may impact your golf swing.
  • View your custom program on the TPI website.  This program involves a workout calendar for you as well as videos of all the exercises.

The experts at Rehab Guru can work one-on-one with you to help you reach your physical goals and your golf swing goals.

If you’re like most Golfers, you spend hours on the golf course trying to sharpen your skills without ever seeing a decrease in your handicap. Many times the physical aspects of a person’s golf game are not evaluated. The answer to improving your golf game, playing longer, and preventing injury is having a TPI evaluation. Let the Rehab Guru experts help you prepare your body to play your best game!

                               What to Expect with a TPI Golf Screen

  • The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Screen identifies your physical limitations.
  • Customized home program to address the findings of the screen.
  • Personal training is available at Rehab Guru
  • Customized pre-round stretching program.

Rehab Guru is a proud partner with Golftec.  Golftec will do your swing analysis and golf lessons and Rehab Guru will provide your TPI screen and set you up with a customized exercise program.  

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