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Heather helped me through my rehab following knee replacement surgery. She was professional, kind, taught and encouraged me through my exercises. The exercises could be done at home and it wasn't long before I was pain free and mobile again! I enjoyed my sessions with Heather and highly recommend her.
Miki Petersen Avatar
Miki Petersen
5 days ago
Heather Urzendowski, PT, DPT at Rehab Guru is an outstanding physical therapist. Her expertise, coupled with an incredibly compassionate approach, truly sets her apart. She takes the time to listen and understand the most troubling areas at the start of each session, ensuring personalized and effective care. What has impressed me most is her appreciation of how physical discomfort can relate to past psychological trauma, treating both with exceptional skill and empathy. I highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for a thoughtful, skilled, and dedicated therapist.
Nicholas Arreola Avatar
Nicholas Arreola
2 weeks ago
Dr. Heather was my therapist 10 out of 10 super sweet and professional would recommend if you need physical therapy also we’re the only ones to help treat my TMJ disorder
Alyson Hernandez Avatar
Alyson Hernandez
3 weeks ago
I highly recommend Diana. I’m sure that after you’ve had your first treatment and her excellent assessment, you'll never go to another physical therapist. She has vast experience and continues on going education. I’ve had chronic back pain for years and feel so good after her treatments, I don’t want to leave the table. She never rushes people, listens to your concerns and is totally upfront informing you if it may take some time. Her office is small and makes you feel like family. She uses many different methods & never gives up on alleviating your pain. It’s easy to make an appointment and her staff is excellent and personable as well.
Virginia West Avatar
Virginia West
1 month ago
I was having back and neck pain. Diana and staff worked to loosen my two trigger areas and surrounding tight muscles with laser, massage, suction cups, and tools. They also taught me lifesyle changes and strectching exercises so that now I am pain free. Fantastic!
Amber Fox Avatar
Amber Fox
1 month ago
I am a big fan of Dr. Metzger and very thankful for her help. I give her efforts to help me an 11 on a scale of 0-10. She is like The Giving Tree without the really sad ending.
Mike O Avatar
Mike O
2 months ago
You will not find a more talented group of therapists. While the majority of my sessions were with Val who is very skilled at her craft, they worked as a team to help me recover. They are patient and willing to educate you on the way to healing. I highly recommend Rehab Guru to anyone. Thank you ladies for all you do!
Artez Young Avatar
Artez Young
2 months ago
Sandra Koch Avatar
Sandra Koch
3 months ago
Jessica has been great with my daughter. She really listens to her and is helping her recover.
Terri Aulner Avatar
Terri Aulner
3 months ago
Mick Smith Avatar
Mick Smith
3 months ago
the team does a great job. it might not feel good but they are getting me. to where I need to be with my knee… thank you so much
Kurt Janousek Avatar
Kurt Janousek
4 months ago
I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to Rehab Guru. The TMJ and Nasocranial Balloon Release have allowed me to go without my mouthguard and to wake up without a horrible migraine every day. The Nasocranial Balloon Release has given me the ability to breathe through my nose for extended periods for the first time. That coupled with the energy I receive after a treatment have been life-changing. Scar massage and lymphatic drainage massage made all the difference in getting a broken wrist back to normal. This place is filled with incredible specialists who are passionate about what they do and no matter what your healing journey is, they will provide you with the help you need.
Deanna Hanes Avatar
Deanna Hanes
6 months ago
My back Dr sent me to Rehab Guru for physical therapy I knew I couldn't do it but I was above a 10 in pain and had tried everything else for my back, right leg and foot that had needles,and burning on bottom and on top of it so I was willing to try anything. What a surprise no stationary bike or treadmill it was cuping like they do with athletes and eventually dry needling even after the first session I saw a difference. Jessica was the one who helped me. I was on a walker and after the 2nd session I just had to use my cane. Go there they are all good and you will be glad you went 🙏
Joan Clemens Avatar
Joan Clemens
7 months ago
Laurita Krejci Avatar
Laurita Krejci
7 months ago
I highly recommend the Rehab Guru. My mom calls them “Miracle workers.” She suffers from TMJ and came to this facility in excruciating pain. She is doing so much better because of their care. This is an incredibly professional, knowledgeable and gentle staff. Thank you Rehab Guru.
L M Avatar
9 months ago
Diana is gifted. Each time she treats me, my quality of life is improved. So grateful I can get on her calendar as I know she’s very busy.
sandy major Avatar
sandy major
9 months ago
I highly recommend the Rehab Guru. I have been in and out of traditional physical therapy practices for years due to a condition that produces chronic pain. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone could help me. But the first day I went in, they used the laser on one of my problem areas. My back felt so much better the rest of the day and I actually got restful sleep that night! I will definitely return to continue treatment.
Elisa Fordyce (Elisa Czarnick Fordyce) Avatar
Elisa Fordyce (Elisa Czarnick Fordyce)
9 months ago
Kurt Janousek Avatar
Kurt Janousek
10 months ago
Nice therapists. Diana and Meagan have helped most often. Change in reception area has hindered having ability to arrange appointments easily. Now not greeted when come there. You wait until noticed or a door from treatment opens to check in....pups are super friendly. Diana has kept me happy there with getting back to online msg for scheduling
missi yanke Avatar
missi yanke
10 months ago
Diana and her staff are truly the best at what they do! They not only help your body feel better, they are caring & fun while doing it. I have been to other physical therapists in the metro over the years, and no place holds a candle to Rehab Guru and their way of doing things! It is a relaxed & caring atmosphere.
Tamara Foutch Avatar
Tamara Foutch
10 months ago
I have two kids and have been afraid of sneezing, laughing too hard, and coughing (iykyk!). Thanks to Heather at Rehab Guru and her amazing pelvic floor program, I can now do jumping jacks, run, and even taekwondo without worries! Thank you for helping me live without a spare change of clothes!
Tricia Hotaling Avatar
Tricia Hotaling
10 months ago
My husband and I have been going to Rehab Guru for years .Diana and Megan are amazing. I saw Heather one time and really liked her also . We have always received excellent care .
Gretchen Anstead Avatar
Gretchen Anstead
10 months ago
Virginia r Condos Avatar
Virginia r Condos
10 months ago
Rehab Guru is an apt name for Diana Schwahn. I have recommended her to several friends who have had great results. There are five members of our family and she has helped all five of us with sports-related ailments since 2006! From pectoral muscles, plantar fasciitis, hips, shin splints... she is an amazing healer who empowers you to prevent being in the same position again. She is a must-see before you go any surgery route.
Kelly Keller Avatar
Kelly Keller
10 months ago
One visit so far. Diana is amazing at her job, comfortable environment and friendly staff! Highly recommend 👍
alice connolly Avatar
alice connolly
10 months ago
I enjoyed my therapy visits with Heather who is an excellent therapist and knows her job well. She made me feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable. Many thanks to Heather I'm on my way to recovering.
Georgette Niang Avatar
Georgette Niang
10 months ago
kdoyle4725 Avatar
11 months ago
I was referred to Rehab Guru from a family member when I was diagnosed with tendinosis last Aug 2022. Gabi has been great to work with in rehabbing my right elbow to avoid surgery. I recently came in for right shoulder pain/stiffness and Gabi immediately diagnosed this as frozen shoulder. I have been going to rehab since and working the exercises diligently at home for a successful recovery.
Bob Harris Avatar
Bob Harris
11 months ago
My pain is much more tolerable today.
Jessica Herrin Avatar
Jessica Herrin
11 months ago
Excellent personal, professional care plus everyone is just very nice! I highly recommend Rehabilitation Guru!
Jody duRand Avatar
Jody duRand
11 months ago
Always a pleasure to see Megan, my back feels great after seeing her!
Deb Kloke Avatar
Deb Kloke
11 months ago
Maryjane Dowling Avatar
Maryjane Dowling
11 months ago
Heather is absolutely amazing..
percilla1515 Avatar
1 year ago
Heather is very good at explaining how the therapy process works and progress is noticeable after each session. Thank you for pain relief and mobility Appreciate the care.
Brian Foutch Avatar
Brian Foutch
1 year ago
A few weeks ago I was experiencing lots of knee pain and struggling with even getting out of a chair. I'm 70, been a long time runner, bicycler, hiker,,, and planning a trip to the mountains. Well, after two weeks of rehab guru, I was hiking, free climbing rock cliffs, and biking like I hadn't been able to in years. I believe that people should see a physical therapist yearly for a checkup. I'm glad I did. Michael Murphy
michaelmurphymusic Avatar
1 year ago
Jody duRand Avatar
Jody duRand
1 year ago
Jessica is incredible! She helped my back with her treatments and exercises and I’ve never felt better!
emily borgmann Avatar
emily borgmann
1 year ago
Great treatment!
Melissa Kuskie Avatar
Melissa Kuskie
1 year ago
I had pretty severe planter fasciitis and rehab guru used and continues to use the shock wave therapy. I went from thinking this injury was a lifelong sentence to it being almost completely healed. We are still using shockwave to help me get better weekly. The staff are kind and welcoming, and have innovative technology. I love going each week!
David & Cynthia Kennedy Avatar
David & Cynthia Kennedy
1 year ago
Jeri Bushon Avatar
Jeri Bushon
1 year ago
I've been going to R.G. for over a year & can't believe how they've helped me with my "aging self." I'll be 77 next month. I can actually move body parts that have been unmoveable for years. Gabby has suggested things to try regarding some other troublesome areas that worked better than any of my previous medical suggestions. Rehab Guru is definitely #1 on my list. All the staff members become like an extended family.
Cindy Frieling Avatar
Cindy Frieling
1 year ago
Great knowledgeable people
Caleb Schweigart Avatar
Caleb Schweigart
1 year ago
I've been going to Rehab Guru for a few weeks now to get treated for a TMJ flare up and they have been amazing. I've seen multiple therapists, but Diana more than anyone else and she is truly committed to figuring out what the root cause is while also providing relief. Rehab Guru is very accommodating, have always found a way to schedule me in even on very short notice, and are friendly but always professional. They've used a variety of treatments I didn't even know existed to help decrease my pain and increase my jaw's mobility. I could barely talk for more than a minute without pain and could only eat soft foods before I started treatment and I am amazed at the progress I've made so far. As someone living with TMJ for over 25 years, I only wish I'd known treatment like this existed sooner! I highly recommend them to anyone seeking TMJ treatment.
Stefanie McLeod Avatar
Stefanie McLeod
1 year ago
Seems to be having some positive effects
Gary Marasco Avatar
Gary Marasco
1 year ago
Dianna has provided me with excellent care and expertise.
James Gerner Avatar
James Gerner
1 year ago
Tracie Cunningham Avatar
Tracie Cunningham
1 year ago
Judy Rall Avatar
Judy Rall
1 year ago
I had a great first experience with dry needling there. Jessica did a fantastic job calming down my angry muscles. I plan on seeing her for me next few visits. I’ve already recommended her to my coworkers.
Becky Alexander Avatar
Becky Alexander
1 year ago
Sukhrob Saitov Avatar
Sukhrob Saitov
1 year ago
Kathryn Kudron Avatar
Kathryn Kudron
1 year ago
All the therapists knew what nerve was pinched. I saw 3 different ladies and they all were kind, compassionate and knew what they were doing to help me.
Theresa Jensen Avatar
Theresa Jensen
1 year ago
Steven Drehsen Avatar
Steven Drehsen
1 year ago
This is a great business. Their services are affordable, they are easy to get scheduled with, and the staff are very knowledgeable.
Lindsay Thomsen Avatar
Lindsay Thomsen
1 year ago
tiffany B Avatar
tiffany B
1 year ago
Wonderful staff, very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend
Lou Ann Stensrud Avatar
Lou Ann Stensrud
1 year ago
Diane Pehrson Avatar
Diane Pehrson
1 year ago
I’ve had my problem for years without relief. Finally I have an answer and am on my way to full recovery. I am so grateful for finding Rehab Guru!
Elaine McKenzie Avatar
Elaine McKenzie
1 year ago
I am so impressed with the care I receive at Rehab Guru. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them!
Rebecca Strachota Avatar
Rebecca Strachota
1 year ago
I saw Gabriella and she was awesome. Very nice, knowledgeable and gentle. She helped my back the first visit.
Janice Buhr Avatar
Janice Buhr
1 year ago
Wonderful people and I feel better than I have in a very long time.
Annika Phillips Avatar
Annika Phillips
1 year ago
I have very much enjoyed working with Valerie! She listens attentively to my concerns, does a variety of treatments and gives me strengthening exercises to do at home. Long term results are still to be seen, as I’ve just started, but I feel very positive and hopeful for a relief from my back pain!
Mary Radliff Avatar
Mary Radliff
1 year ago
Deb Ray Avatar
Deb Ray
1 year ago
Great people who know what they're doing.
Brian Bross Avatar
Brian Bross
1 year ago
So I have been coming for a couple of months I can not even put into words just how much this team has helped me! I’ve been to a chiropractor, I’ve gone to a shoulder specialist I’ve been prescribed pain pills wich I don’t think take no more ! !Thank you REHAB GURU!
Eve McLaurine Avatar
Eve McLaurine
1 year ago
Diana and her staff are wonderful. They will do whatever they can to help you. Diana has tried many techniques to help me as I suffer from migraines and neck pain. It's tough because I also have rheumatoid arthritis so she is restricted on what type of things she can do. She keeps trying new things that will something hopefully bring me relief. I have seen two other therapists in her office and they are just as helpful. Her staff is always so nice and friendly. I am very thankful for my doctor recommending Diana.
Lori Mersch Avatar
Lori Mersch
1 year ago
Rehab guru is great. All of the staff is very friendly and the owner, Diana, genuinely cares about the people she treats. They really want people to feel better.
L J Avatar
1 year ago
The Rehab Guru team are wonderful! I have had 5 of their different therapists work with me over the past year. They have been always professional, have been great at using various treatments/techniques to help in my recovery from an accident. I really appreciate that the therapy offers privacy as well. Overall I highly recommend them!
Sr Gertrude Strain Avatar
Sr Gertrude Strain
1 year ago
Jessica was terrific to work with. I would highly recommend her to friends and family that might need a PT!
Tom Wilkinson Avatar
Tom Wilkinson
1 year ago
Melissa is the best!! I have been suffering with jaw pain nearly my entire life!! It hurt to yawn, chew & sometimes talk .After just a few visits with Melissa I no longer have any pain at all!! It has been a miracle for me. Yay!! The craniosacral therapy is life changing!! Melissa is sooo amazing and kind! I will also be seeing Gabby who is equally as wonderful. She will be helping me in another PT area. Jodi at the front desk is also very helpful to navigate all insurance and the payment process. I am so glad I found the Rehab Guru and the great therapist here!! I will continue referring all my friends!! 😊
Regina Young Avatar
Regina Young
1 year ago
I’ve been dealing with my problems for years. But I’ve learned more about my problems and my recovery in my first two sessions, then I learned in the past 10 years going from dr to dr. This place doesn’t just put a bandage on your problems and send you home. They listen to you and then work with you to help solve the problem. That’s the reason for the 5 stars
Shelagh Smith Avatar
Shelagh Smith
1 year ago