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Jessica is incredible! She helped my back with her treatments and exercises and I’ve never felt better!
emily borgmann Avatar
emily borgmann
1 week ago
Great treatment!
Melissa Kuskie Avatar
Melissa Kuskie
1 week ago
I had pretty severe planter fasciitis and rehab guru used and continues to use the shock wave therapy. I went from thinking this injury was a lifelong sentence to it being almost completely healed. We are still using shockwave to help me get better weekly. The staff are kind and welcoming, and have innovative technology. I love going each week!
David & Cynthia Kennedy Avatar
David & Cynthia Kennedy
1 week ago
Jeri Bushon Avatar
Jeri Bushon
1 week ago
I've been going to R.G. for over a year & can't believe how they've helped me with my "aging self." I'll be 77 next month. I can actually move body parts that have been unmoveable for years. Gabby has suggested things to try regarding some other troublesome areas that worked better than any of my previous medical suggestions. Rehab Guru is definitely #1 on my list. All the staff members become like an extended family.
Cindy Frieling Avatar
Cindy Frieling
3 weeks ago
Great knowledgeable people
Caleb Schweigart Avatar
Caleb Schweigart
3 weeks ago
I've been going to Rehab Guru for a few weeks now to get treated for a TMJ flare up and they have been amazing. I've seen multiple therapists, but Diana more than anyone else and she is truly committed to figuring out what the root cause is while also providing relief. Rehab Guru is very accommodating, have always found a way to schedule me in even on very short notice, and are friendly but always professional. They've used a variety of treatments I didn't even know existed to help decrease my pain and increase my jaw's mobility. I could barely talk for more than a minute without pain and could only eat soft foods before I started treatment and I am amazed at the progress I've made so far. As someone living with TMJ for over 25 years, I only wish I'd known treatment like this existed sooner! I highly recommend them to anyone seeking TMJ treatment.
Stefanie McLeod Avatar
Stefanie McLeod
3 weeks ago
Seems to be having some positive effects
Gary Marasco Avatar
Gary Marasco
3 weeks ago
Dianna has provided me with excellent care and expertise.
James Gerner Avatar
James Gerner
1 month ago
Tracie Cunningham Avatar
Tracie Cunningham
1 month ago
Judy Rall Avatar
Judy Rall
1 month ago
I had a great first experience with dry needling there. Jessica did a fantastic job calming down my angry muscles. I plan on seeing her for me next few visits. I’ve already recommended her to my coworkers.
Becky Alexander Avatar
Becky Alexander
1 month ago
Sukhrob Saitov Avatar
Sukhrob Saitov
1 month ago
Kathryn Kudron Avatar
Kathryn Kudron
2 months ago
All the therapists knew what nerve was pinched. I saw 3 different ladies and they all were kind, compassionate and knew what they were doing to help me.
Theresa Jensen Avatar
Theresa Jensen
2 months ago
Steven Drehsen Avatar
Steven Drehsen
2 months ago
This is a great business. Their services are affordable, they are easy to get scheduled with, and the staff are very knowledgeable.
Lindsay Thomsen Avatar
Lindsay Thomsen
2 months ago
tiffany B Avatar
tiffany B
2 months ago
Wonderful staff, very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend
Lou Ann Stensrud Avatar
Lou Ann Stensrud
2 months ago
Diane Pehrson Avatar
Diane Pehrson
3 months ago
I’ve had my problem for years without relief. Finally I have an answer and am on my way to full recovery. I am so grateful for finding Rehab Guru!
Elaine McKenzie Avatar
Elaine McKenzie
3 months ago
I am so impressed with the care I receive at Rehab Guru. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them!
Rebecca Strachota Avatar
Rebecca Strachota
3 months ago
I saw Gabriella and she was awesome. Very nice, knowledgeable and gentle. She helped my back the first visit.
Janice Buhr Avatar
Janice Buhr
3 months ago
Wonderful people and I feel better than I have in a very long time.
Annika Phillips Avatar
Annika Phillips
4 months ago
I have very much enjoyed working with Valerie! She listens attentively to my concerns, does a variety of treatments and gives me strengthening exercises to do at home. Long term results are still to be seen, as I’ve just started, but I feel very positive and hopeful for a relief from my back pain!
Mary Radliff Avatar
Mary Radliff
4 months ago
Deb Ray Avatar
Deb Ray
4 months ago
Great people who know what they're doing.
Brian Bross Avatar
Brian Bross
4 months ago
So I have been coming for a couple of months I can not even put into words just how much this team has helped me! I’ve been to a chiropractor, I’ve gone to a shoulder specialist I’ve been prescribed pain pills wich I don’t think take no more ! !Thank you REHAB GURU!
Eve McLaurine Avatar
Eve McLaurine
5 months ago
Diana and her staff are wonderful. They will do whatever they can to help you. Diana has tried many techniques to help me as I suffer from migraines and neck pain. It's tough because I also have rheumatoid arthritis so she is restricted on what type of things she can do. She keeps trying new things that will something hopefully bring me relief. I have seen two other therapists in her office and they are just as helpful. Her staff is always so nice and friendly. I am very thankful for my doctor recommending Diana.
Lori Mersch Avatar
Lori Mersch
5 months ago
Rehab guru is great. All of the staff is very friendly and the owner, Diana, genuinely cares about the people she treats. They really want people to feel better.
L J Avatar
6 months ago
The Rehab Guru team are wonderful! I have had 5 of their different therapists work with me over the past year. They have been always professional, have been great at using various treatments/techniques to help in my recovery from an accident. I really appreciate that the therapy offers privacy as well. Overall I highly recommend them!
Sr Gertrude Strain Avatar
Sr Gertrude Strain
6 months ago
Jessica was terrific to work with. I would highly recommend her to friends and family that might need a PT!
Tom Wilkinson Avatar
Tom Wilkinson
6 months ago
Melissa is the best!! I have been suffering with jaw pain nearly my entire life!! It hurt to yawn, chew & sometimes talk .After just a few visits with Melissa I no longer have any pain at all!! It has been a miracle for me. Yay!! The craniosacral therapy is life changing!! Melissa is sooo amazing and kind! I will also be seeing Gabby who is equally as wonderful. She will be helping me in another PT area. Jodi at the front desk is also very helpful to navigate all insurance and the payment process. I am so glad I found the Rehab Guru and the great therapist here!! I will continue referring all my friends!! 😊
Regina Young Avatar
Regina Young
6 months ago
I’ve been dealing with my problems for years. But I’ve learned more about my problems and my recovery in my first two sessions, then I learned in the past 10 years going from dr to dr. This place doesn’t just put a bandage on your problems and send you home. They listen to you and then work with you to help solve the problem. That’s the reason for the 5 stars
Shelagh Smith Avatar
Shelagh Smith
6 months ago
The people at Rehab Guru's are very compassionate, and caring. Plus work very hard to help you out of pain. So can get on with your life.
Chris Harris Avatar
Chris Harris
6 months ago
I would recommend Rehab Guru to everyone! They helped me with back surgery recovery extremely well! They are truly amazing!!
Torrance Whitaker Avatar
Torrance Whitaker
6 months ago
Heidi Burke Avatar
Heidi Burke
6 months ago
Ever since my first equestrian accident, I have been in and out of PT. NONE have EVER helped so always avoided going - just a waste of time and money. I was referred to Rehab Guru for TMJ. From day one I was so impressed! During my initial consultation with Gabby she asked me questions that no other therapist had. For example, she asked if I had headaches. I've lived with headaches for 30 years that last all day. From there, I learned that much of my TMJ is related to all the metal that is in my neck. (Who knew?) This is the ONLY place that I have found that PT really works! And I'm super grateful to Gabby and Melissa and all the work they put in to me that has reduced my TMJ pain and have help my headaches! Thank you!
Coeann Pettit Avatar
Coeann Pettit
6 months ago
I went in for TMJ. While working on that I told them about me knee pain and how I had seen 3 doctors and no one could diagnose my issue. Rehab Guru said they could help fix it. When I leave there I feel good about walking again! And my jaw pain is almost gone. They gave me hope when I had lost it.
Michael Velander Avatar
Michael Velander
6 months ago
Very helpful & knowledgeable. Everyone is very nice and I'm improving greatly. Valerie makes me do things I don't want to do, but it's working.
Brenda Walenz Avatar
Brenda Walenz
6 months ago
I would recommend Rehab Guru to anyone who has pain and is in need of physical therapy. They are wonderful and I felt improvements even after the first visit.
Sarah Rosa Avatar
Sarah Rosa
6 months ago
Amazing place worthy of their 5 stars
Matt Joe Avatar
Matt Joe
7 months ago
This is the place you want to go if you need physical therapy. Everyone I worked with was more than amazing, and even Jodi at the front desk was always super helpful and kind. I couldn't have had a better experience! They were able to resolve issues that the chiropractor couldn't and actually made worse. I also highly recommend trying craniosacral therapy here- it was life changing. Thank you to all the staff!
Alli Lin Avatar
Alli Lin
7 months ago
Rehab Guru has been a life-changer for me. I have advanced scoliosis and have a lot of additional stress on my back and spine, hips, shoulders, etc. I saw a pain specialist that discussed invasive procedures to help with the pain, and in the meantime recommended Dyana at Rehab Guru. I see Megan and Dyana at RG and have been able to maintain my active lifestyle without additional pain measures. They use a variety of cutting-edge treatments which as a whole have allowed me to live life without pain.
Traci Fichter Avatar
Traci Fichter
8 months ago
By far the best in Omaha. So many different options for therapies and a great bunch of gals here to help tend to your needs! Also some great masseurs. 10/10 by far.
Hannah Radler Avatar
Hannah Radler
8 months ago
Modalities you can’t U get anywhere else in the city. Dry needling at a low cost. Busy place, that’s when you know you are in the right place!
Cheryl Richards Avatar
Cheryl Richards
8 months ago
Diana and Meagan have helped me so much with my upper neck pain and TMJD! The only people in Omaha I trust with my physical therapy.
Kate Ruffalo Avatar
Kate Ruffalo
8 months ago
Don Stump Avatar
Don Stump
8 months ago
tom jorn Avatar
tom jorn
8 months ago
I have been doing physical therapy for my feet for the last couple of years due to several serious surgeries. Thanks to Diana and her amazing staff i am finally able to walk with limited pain. I never thought i would be able to wear regular shoes again! I continue to only come to Rehab Guru after each surgery. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and always have a smile!! I recommend this team to anyone who wants true results!! Thank you all at Rehab Guru!!
Bambi Mattheis Avatar
Bambi Mattheis
9 months ago
Diana has helped my tennis elbow so much. She uses evidence based techniques and also looked for other influences on my pain when my elbow was not responding as she anticipated. I’m slowly getting back to playing pickleball through her rehab techniques. Thanks Diana!
Margie Nelsen Avatar
Margie Nelsen
9 months ago
I’m so glad that my doctor recommended Rehab Guru! I’ve gotten 1:1 attention, directions on how to do exercises, and we’ve taken things slowly (while still pushing me to be challenged). I’ve already recommended them to my friend who needs rehab after a broken leg.
Sarah Hayek Avatar
Sarah Hayek
9 months ago
Best care ever! Always on time, extremely friendly staff, and have given me back my range of motion and reduced my pain.
Helene Simmons Avatar
Helene Simmons
9 months ago
Excellent treatment
L Ropell Avatar
L Ropell
9 months ago
Tiffany Kerns Avatar
Tiffany Kerns
9 months ago
Sr. Cecilia CMD Avatar
Sr. Cecilia CMD
9 months ago
Brian Bross Avatar
Brian Bross
1 year ago
I have been seeing Gabbie at Rehab Ghru since the beginning of August for a pinched nerve and muscle spasms in my shoulders. With the treatment plan she has put together I have continued to get relief. Thank you Jody and Gabby for make it an easy decision to not use any other physical therapy clinic.
nancy Avatar
1 year ago
I look forward to my treatments. They provide excellent results for pain management through a variety of sources.
Russ Avatar
1 year ago
Very good treatments. Very knowledgeable.
carol godbout Avatar
carol godbout
1 year ago
Mike Bridgeford Avatar
Mike Bridgeford
1 year ago
Rehab Guru PT Clinic was highly recommended to me by my doctor. I had been dealing with tightness and pain going up and down the back of my legs for several months. Reluctantly out of desperation one day I called Rehab Guru and made an appointment with Valerie Downs. After the very first session I felt better. I continued to go a couple times a week for about 6 weeks. The results have been amazing! I tried everyday to do the exercises and stretches she taught me ( she gave me print offs so it was easy to remember them). I am pretty much pain free even without any pain medication now. I walk 2-4 miles a day and play tennis like I use to once again. I am so so thankful! Rehab Guru has private rooms for each patient which I really appreciate. It’s also a very calming atmosphere. All the therapists are very highly educated in their profession. My husband has been so impressed with my results he now is going regularly to see Diana Schwann for a back issue that has greatly improved. Neither my husband nor I had ever been to Rehab Guru before the late winter/ early spring of 2021. Neither of us are related to anyone who practices there nor did we know any of them prior to that time. Most sincerely Paul and Janie Sharrar
Mary Sharrar Avatar
Mary Sharrar
1 year ago
I have been dealing with a frozen shoulder as a result of having a hand surgery in February. Other PT places gave me lots of exercises but Diana actually worked to get the shoulder moving by using Shock wave therapy and laser therapy along with the exercises. Each session seems to be giving me more range of motion and less pain!
tracy harrington Avatar
tracy harrington
1 year ago
The treatment really helped, and the staff is awesome and very friendly!! The shockwave treatment works wonders!
Matt Miller Avatar
Matt Miller
1 year ago
Diana and Meagan are absolutely amazing! My family and I were rear-ended at 60 mph and I was left with severe neck pain as a result. After seeing several other physical therapists with little relief, I was referred to Rehab Guru. From the very beginning, Diana assured me that she wouldn’t quit until I saw sustained improvement. I can’t explain how much it meant to me to know she was confident in her abilities and committed to helping me. I was desperate for relief and finally felt like someone understood. I am so happy to say that Diana followed through on her commitment to help. She and Meagan have been so kind and patient. They truly have given me my life back!
Brandi Vytlas Avatar
Brandi Vytlas
1 year ago
I went here for a few months due to lower back pain issues. I primarily worked with Gaby, but I did also work with a couple other members of the staff on occasion. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Gaby was able to help pinpoint the issue and work through it with me. After a few months of going I am back to my normal self. Really big swing from when I first went in and felt like I could hardly walk. They were very open and flexible with appointments if anything needed to be changed/adjusted. As an added plus, you may see the office dogs when you go in too. I highly recommend going here and will be doing so in the future if needed.
Josh Sherman Avatar
Josh Sherman
1 year ago
I had troubles following my jaw surgery and my surgeon recommended I work with the Rehab Guru. The entire staff made it their personal goal to help me recover. I am very pleased to say I am in full recovery thanks to their dedication. I strongly recommend them. In addition to the wonderful care I recieved, I have never experienced any medical staff with a greater appreciation to punctuality! In all my visits, I was ALWAYS seen within 5 minutes of my appointment...THANKS!
Jeff Ryan Avatar
Jeff Ryan
1 year ago
Diana has helped my TMJ pain tremendously. Her and her staff worked with me and checked in regularly to see how my progress was going. Every time I visited we'd go over what issues were affecting me. She uses different therapy treatments to find out which one works the best. Diana and her staff know what they're doing. If you have any TMJ pain or other issues, I'd definitely recommend visiting them!
Savannah Whetstone Avatar
Savannah Whetstone
1 year ago
Gaby Vogel PT is absolutely the best! She relieved my back pain and set me up with exercises that keep me functioning at my best. When I first saw her I thought I was going to have to retire due to the pain. Within a short time, I know that my condition could be helped through PT. She has also helped me manage a torn rotator cuff. I consider her an integral part of my health care team!
Jill Ackerman Avatar
Jill Ackerman
1 year ago
Diana at Rehab Guru has provided so much relief to me for TMJ and neck pain. In addition, after a recent fall, I was not getting better and after one visit, Diana was able to get me instant relief. At Rehab Guru, several techniques are used that provide fantastic results. I have and will recommend Rehab Guru to all of my friends. This place is amazing.
Amy White Avatar
Amy White
1 year ago